PVC curtains can be used for partitions in industries, food storage, food production facilities, dairies, pharmacy industries, pallet tracks – forklifts entrances, refrigeration doors. They protect the room from dust, insects, odors and difference of temperatures. With every pvc curtain we give you the necessary certification of material that is required.

Why choose ribbed stripes instead of smooth surface

The quality of the transparent pvc ribbed stripes on both sides assists to keep the curtain aligned, flat and not lean and aside from that they last more than the usual ones. Furthermore, it does not stuck on the stretch film of the passing pallet tracks.

Διαφανείς κουρτίνες pvc πιστοποιημένες

PVC strip curtains for food industries and cold rooms

PVC curtain installation- Fast and Easy

Our industry, aside from the new installation system called Maxbullet, uses the old system too, as you can see in the following pictures, a system which is not so efficient though. With this new system, you can easily change the curtains by yourself, in 1 min.



Safety Specs

They don’t contain harmful plasticizers DOHP/DEHP FREE and they protect from UV radiation.

Every strip curtain exceeds the odor opening by 10cm in width and 8cm in height.

We can provide you all the certifications concerning safety.

Insect repellent strip curtains

PVC curtain is the easiest and cheapest way to keep insects away from your workplace. The employees can freely walk around the room and using the insect repellent version with citronella, insects cannot reach the products or the personnel.

Sliding Strip Curtains

Using the special mechanism, you can also choose sliding strip curtains. The sliding strip curtains are more suitable when we have to completely open the door. The curtain guide has different sizes (every 100mm) and it can rotate 90 degrees. The sliding strip curtain guide can be attached on the wall or the roof.

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PVC κουρτίνα