Cold room shelves MOD SHLV are used to exploit the space of the rooms.
Shelves are offered being suitable especially for the liquid environment or cold rooms, kitchens and warehouses, and they are our exclusive import.


•They bear from small to large cargos (up to 400kg per surface).
•The surfaces are adjusted to the desirable height per inch (2,54 cm).
•They allow uniform refrigeration of the merchandise even from the lower side, which osculates to it.
•They are easy to be installed without tools.
•Big variety of dimensions in order take full advantage of the space in terms of length and height and categorisation of the merchandise.
•Heavy-duty construction with high stability.
•They do not sway and are self-standing.
•Ready for delivery in thicknesses of 46 cm and 61 cm and height of 1,83 m. They can be placed in width combinations of 46 cm and 61 cm according to your needs.
•High quality on a low price.
•They meet all standards of hygiene and food safety of the World Health Organization NSF & BSi, being antitoxic, suitable for food storage.
•Available in versions:
a) Standard version
b) INOX 304