Service Door

Service Door with German polyurethane insulation thickness of 40 mm, made from galvanized steel sheets with 200μm with special plastisol coating, standard lock & – stainless steel U-shape handle.

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Thermal insulation

Is used in areas with a positive temperature


Can be constructed in all dimensions

Color variation

Wide colour range


Technical Specifications of the material: According to DIN EN ISO 1043.


Service Door

Service Door is used in areas with a positive temperature (therefore T>0°C), to: 1) Divide areas for the drugs processing, or areas for the blood processing and freezing in offices. 2) Divide noisy areas (soundproof door) from the ones that must be deafened (for example in hospitals). 3) Divide cold areas (thermo-insulating door) from the ones used as offices. 4) Divide projecting areas from the one used as offices, for example in the Communication and IT industry. 5) Divide hygienic areas (toilettes, showers) from the dressing room.

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Thickness of 40 mm, made from galvanized steel sheets with 200ìm with special plastisol coating, standard lock & – stainless steel U-shape handle.


Aluminum frame and counter frame system in D-shape for panel or wall thicknesses of 60mm up to 140 mm.

Modern construction

Modern construction & aesthetic, is an advantage of service doors as well as hygienic surfaces with no spaces for dust & microbes to form.

Sound & thermal insulation

Amp sound & thermal insulated doors suitable for offices, food preparation areas, locker rooms, WC, laboratories, warehouses, industry etc.

Constructed in all dimensions

Possibility of construction of any dimension requested, with or without window with internal protection bar and immediate delivery.



service door details


door option5 panic bar 1

Inox Antipanic push bar

air lock 3


door option3 inox sheet 10

Stainless Steel Sheet

door option4 inox circular 6

Stainless Steel Sheet with circular design

CleanRoomDoor rectangle window 1

Rectangle Window

door option7 door closer 7

Door Closer



You can customize your Service Door according to your needs by choosing AMP. In this chart you can see all the available options that our factory gives you. You can also add more features to your product by contacting A. Motors office.

Available Colors

service door


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