Sectional Overhead Door

Sectional overhead doors from polyurethane panel for medium and large openings, of panel thickness 40-60-80mm. They are mainly used from food industries, warehouses or chiller and freezer cold rooms.

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Thermal insulation

Up to 0 °C for chiller and up to -40 °C for freezer


Can be constructed in all dimensions

Color variation

Wide colour range


Certified with ISO 9001: 2015 & CE 89/106 EN13241-1



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The thickness of the panels of the door is 80mm also suitable for the use in cold rooms (working temperature -20°C / 40 °C).

Electrical Opening

The door opens electrically with a single phase 70 Nm operator (0,5 kW, 21rpm, quick release, 1x230V) with 3 pre-wired mechanical limit switches.

Control Unit

A basic control unit is available for automatic control and a wall installation bracket.

Protection System

There is also a protection photocell system that blocks the door as soon as the integrated safety reversing sensor senses the presence of people or objects from below, as well as a fall protection system of the door (in the event of the cutting of the rope wire or spring).

Sealing gaskets

There are special sealing gaskets at the connections of the panels with perfect grip.

Cycles per hour

The max cycles per hour are 12.



You can customize your Sectional Door according to your needs by choosing AMP. In this chart you can see all the available options that our factory gives you. You can also add more features to your product by contacting A. Motors office.

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