Inox ATMC Sliding Door

Amp industry, manufactures exclusively the stainless steel Controlled Atmosphere Doors, a type of cold storage door which serves excellently in order to keep the temperature inside the Cold Room stable.

Inox ATMC Sliding Door

Thermal insulation

Up to 0 °C for chiller and up to -40 °C for freezer


Can be constructed in all dimensions

Stainless Steel

Using German raw materials


Certified with ISO 9001: 2015 & CE 89/106 EN13241-1

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ATMC Sliding Door

Mod 809 AT-C Cold storage door is suitable for controlled atmosphere cold room for vegetables and fruits preservation applications where a perfect gas tightness is required with operation temperature not lower than -5°C. The double gasket system allows the application on cold room not constantly used in controlled atmosphere.

Door Surface

Door surface made from German stainless steel sheets 304 or inox with circular design.

Outside handle

Outside handle: lever inox 304.

Inside handle

Inside handle: lever inox 304.


Double density EPDM gasket on 3 sides.

Low Gasket

Low gasket in PVC

Inflatable gasket

Inflatable gasket to be used during the period of ripening.

Pressure gauge

Pressure gauge and inflating valve.

Inspection window

Inspection window (600x800mm clear opening) provided with external lock and internal sofety opener and magnetic sealing gasket.


Stainless steel angle – shaped frame, reinforced from the inside with heavy duty, robust PVC, with modern German design and high mechanical strength.


Special threshold S/2 with the frame (2 jambs + 1 transom) partially put (60 mm) into the floor. At the bottom of the frame it’s fixed an “C” profile made of iron which is recessed into the floor. Only the upper part will result visible at the end of the work.

Slide mechanism cover

Slide mechanism cover made from inox 304 stainless steel profile. It ensures perfect adhension at the gaskets, without extra components on the floor.

Slide mechanism

Stainless steel 304 slide mechanism and side mechanism of modern design, exceptional sliding properties.


Ramps, or falling bends, that ensure a perfect contact between the door and the frame they provide the best insulation between the inside and the outside of the cold room. They are assembled on the closing side of the door.


Clamp: thanks to its sloping level it assures the perfect closing of the couple door / frame.

Plastic pulleys

Plastic pulleys, by means of with the door slides along the sliding system; they are adjustable in height & in depth.

Adjustable lower register

Adjustable lower register, by means of with the door slides along the lower guide.

Lower closing hook

Lower closing hook: it’s made of INOX304 and assembled on the closing side of the frame and during the closing it assures the hermetic contact between the door and the frame.

Striker of the lower closing hook

Striker of the lower closing hook: it’s made of plastic and assembled on the blade, on the handle side. During the closing of the door it goes into the lower hook and assures the hermetic contact between the door and the frame.



You can customize your Cold Storage Door according to your needs by choosing AMP. In this chart you can see all the available options that our factory gives you. You can also add more features to your product by contacting A. Motors office.



door option1 bumper 3

Decorative Protective Pumpers

door option2 entrance ramp 3

Anti-slip entrance ramp

sliding opt1 lock 2 scaled 1 1536x1152 1

Safety key lock

door option4 inox circular 6 1

Stainless Steel Sheet with circular design



Sliding Door Components

Sealing Gaskets and Heaters

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