Flexible Swing Door

Flexible swing doors are ideal for clean areas such as food industries, food preparation laboratories, restaurants, supermarkets, hotels, professional kitchens and caterings, ensuring safe and easy traffic flow. They prevent dust and insects from coming through the working area.

flexible flip flap


Can be constructed in all dimensions

Color variation

Wide colour range


Certified with ISO 9001: 2015 & CE 89/106 EN13241-1



You can customize your Swing Door according to your needs by choosing AMP. In this chart you can see all the available options that our factory gives you. You can also add more features to your product by contacting A. Motors office.

flexible swing

Flexible PVC Sheet

Flexible swing doors are made of high quality flexible PVC sheet, and aluminum frame. Door accessories can be galvanized or stainless steel, according to client’s requirements and specifications.

Heavy duty construction

These swing doors have a heavy duty construction with standard surface finish in anodized silver or white painted.

Steel hardware components

Steel hardware components are made in galvanized steel wich ensures durability and protection against rust or top quality stainless steel which is especially good for food or chemichal factories with aggressive environments.

Two sizes

All components are designed in two sizes

Small Size

Small size: for small pedestrian opening which are up to 2,5m (W) x 2,5m (H) double leaf door, with flexible PVC sheet thickness from 4 to 7 mm.

Large size

Large size: reinforced for opening up to 3m (W) x 3,5m (H) double leaf door, with flexible PVC sheet thickness from 7 to 10 mm.

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