Flip – Flap doors MOD FF1-2 of dual inside-out movement, single leaf or double leaf with BAYER Germany polyurethane insulation, free of chlorofluorocarbons (CFC & HCFC FREE), (FRIENDLY ENVIRONMENT) with sound insulation and thermal insulation properties.

•Standard door leaf with Polyurethane insulation supplied from BAYER (Germany) of density 42 kg/m³, with injection at heated press of 500 tonnes. Door surface made from German steel sheets Stainless steel 304 or inox with circular design.
•Stainless steel angle – shaped frame, reinforced from the inside with heavy duty, robust PVC, with modern German design and high mechanical strength. In accordance with HACCP standards. EASY-PASS (quick & easy assembly).
•Suitable for laboratories, halls for preparation & packaging of food, warehouses etc.
•Flip flap doors bear special hinges and close automatically after each opening, they stay open at 90° angle.
•High endurance to strikes from palletisers, clarks, etc.
•Available in a wide range of colours.
•Possibility of construction of any dimension requested, single or double leaf.
•Flexible and fast delivery.




Inox stainless
steel 304




Full Inox Swinging Doors – Standard Measurements



Full Inox Swinging Doors with rail passage – Standard Measurements