MOD 504PS1-2

The service, office and clean room doors MOD 504PS1-2 are absolutely leak proof for pharmaceutical companies, hospitals, with polyurethane insulation, single and double leaf, with lock and stainless handle with U shape. Contemporary design and aesthetics, soundproofing and thermal insulation doors.

•Stainless steel handle mechanism in U-shape.
•Lock & hinges.
•Modern design and construction for soft, easy and noiseless closing without problems.
•Single section (monoblock) door.
•Polyurethane insulation thickness of 40 mm from BAYER Germany.
•Aluminum perimetral door frame with counter frame system that embraces each panel thickness. In accordance with HACCP standards. EASY-PASS (quick & easy assembly).
•Door surface made from German steel sheets 30% thicker than the competition, plasticized to a
thickness of 200 μm with Sanitary Steel film coating with antibacterial properties.
•Aluminium perimetric door frame, placed against the structure.
•Border gaskets of german origin, insulating properties with Beehive cells and perfect adhesion.
•Five year written guarantee.
•Wide colour range.


Single Leaf Doors – Standard Measurements


Double Leaf Doors – Standard Measurements