Inox Cold Storage Doors

Inox Cold Storage Doors

Inox Doors SS304 & SS316

Resistance to corrosion – stainless steel may be used as prime material in products made for use in moisture, direct contact with water. Amp INOX Doors are made of stainless steel SS304 and SS316 that are extremely resistant to most fats, acids, alkalis, chlorine solutions and other compounds that are widely used in food industry

Hygiene – stains are easily removed on stainless steel that is unaffected by corrosive substances, stainless steel is a recommended material for use in specific areas, for example kitchens, food processing facilities, cold storages, etc.

Appearance- clear, glossy surface ensures an unique style. Aesthetics can be also get enhanced by stainless steel surface finishes and decorative patterns on cold storage and clean room doors

Durability- because of its properties, stainless steel has longer lifetime than conventional materials. Therefore, despite high cost , within a long-term time-frame in highly acid enviroments (dairy and meat proccessing), stainless steel cold storage doors are often the cheapest solution

Environmentally friendly - stainless steel waste is recyclable. Over 50% of world steel comes from waste re-cycling

Stainless steel doors mounted to stainless steel cold room