Doors of double movement “to and fro”,
double door wings or one shutter doors.
A) Polyethylene leaves (made in Germany) with solid oval scuttle and aid with protective bars in order to absorb strikes from the carts, palletisers, buggies and crabs. They are offered in a large variety of colours.
B) Transparent PVC leaves (made in Germany) of mild type, strengthened with internal polyesteric network of high resistance in horizontal and vertical order.
Flip-flap doors are suitable for laboratories, deposits, and indoor spaces and essential for cold rooms with sliding doors. They bear special mechanisms and close automatically after each opening, while they remain open at 90ο.
Πόρτα Φλιπ φλαπ δίφυλλη

Flip flap doors at meat proccesing industry

flip-flap door stainless

Ψυκτικοί θάλαμοι σε βιομηχανία επεξεργασίας κρέατος

Cold rooms and flip flap doors at meat proccesing industry

Standard robust frame and counter frame is included with flip flap doors for EASY & FAST FIT to the panel. The frame is reinforced with metal structures from the inside so as to bear strikes from paletisers, clarks etc.

Flip flap door for meat proccessing cold rooms

flip flap polyethylene door for high resistance