The Affordable Way to Keep Dust, Noise, and Extreme Temperatures Out of Your Facility…and Cut Your Utility Bill with our curtains!

For the refrigerator doors we provide you with curtains made of transparent PVC strips very soft and durable made in Germany, special for low temperatures, so that “they enclose” refrigeration. They achieve economy of electric energy up to 95%, at each door-opening of the refrigerator and unweary machine without damages.
They are adapted in special base with hooks, each strip independently, at a minimum time.
 Strips’  width       : 200 mm and 300 mm,
 Strips’ thickness: 2 mm and 3 mm respectively.
 Stips’ type            : smooth or ribbed
 Mounting system: stable or sliding
The Institution of Control for Foods (EFET) considers the installation of curtains from transparent plastic PVC strips in the doors of cold rooms, obligatory for the protection of foods from humidity and temperature fluctuations.


Installed 90% Faster Than Traditional Systems
You can install our strip curtains in one tenth the time it takes to install traditional alternatives. Our unique snap-on installation requires no nuts or bolts. They are installed in minutes, not hours (call for installation details.)


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