The American Motors Ch. Pilalis S.A. industry was founded in 1963 with main activity the production of all types of refrigeration doors, cold rooms and door sanitary, specialized in food industries. We work with German Constructors for the supply of materials mechanisms and components and we apply the German expertise in manufacturing industrial insulation doors and chambers.

Full inox 304 Cold Room doors hinged, sliding, flip flap & service


Our industry is providing the necessary equipment to food industries such as meat production units, dairies and fruit storage facilities. We have successfully completed several works in the past in many countries around Europe and Middle East, taking always into consideration the customer needs and the best quality at the lowest prices.

Aside from the standard plastisol cover on the doors, our industry has recently started the production of the Full INOX 304 AMP Doors, a brand new  category that can be applied on every type of door. The usage of stainless steel sheet on doors ensures the perfect temperature inside the room and it’s a material which is able to handle the acids used for cleaning. Our industry, using always the best raw materials available and the German expertise, is the most reliable choice for every type of business. It’s mentioned that all doors and cold rooms are being constructed in every size, according to your needs.

Except for the AMP Doors, our industry provides in addition curtains made of transparent PVC strips, the stainless shelves as well as stainless steel hooks for storing the products.


All our doors are being constructed in our facilities in Kryoneri, Attika using excellent materials and qualified personnel. A.Motors Pilalis SA stands by you even after the order, offering 5 year guarantee and a huge stock in accessories for cold room doors, such as gaskets, handles, hinges etc.

We stand by you with the people, the expertise, the infrastructure and the disposal to help you.

frigo inox door  INOX ανοιγόμενη