Our frigo amp doors  for cold rooms are assembled in our factory with modern industrial equipment, since 1963, with German materials, accessories and mechanisms that we exclusively import and they close hermetically. Their polyurethane (PU) insulation comes from the house of BAYER Germany, with triple insulating ability in contrast to the other insulating materials. We offer flexible special orders, superior quality, fast deliveries. Frigo doors keep the temperature in the required degrees, in both chiller and freezer rooms. Every door has its own safety shutter, which differs according to the door type, combining safety and excellent refrigeration of products. All amp doors are in accordance with requirements of CE 89/106 ΕΝ 13241-1. A five year guarantee is included in the price while our personnel will always be at your service for any further support. All our doors can be adjusted to your preferable dimensions.

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Our AMP doors

     Συρόμενη INOX

INOX ανοιγόμενη

Ψυκτικοί θάλαμοι τυροκομείου με πάνελ πολυουρεθάνης

Ψυκτικός θάλαμος φρούτων με πάνελ

Ψυκτικοί θάλαμοι τυροκομείου από πάνελ

Ψυκτικοί Θάλαμοι INOX 304






The filling (application of insulation) is accomplished through the infusion of polyurethane (PU), while the doors are placed in a heated press under the pressure of 400 tons. That’s why the doors have enormous mechanic durability and they are unaffected from humidity. The casings of the doors are made of PVC, with caster, angular and colour RAL 9002. The doors are covered internally and externally with plasticized steel plates of the house of THYSSEN-KRUPP Germany 0,65 mm thick and with colourful PLASTISOL coating of 200 μm thickness, very durable against strikes and scratchings.

Each door bears automatic mechanisms in order to close automatically, so that no intervention will be required for them to close and the worker won’t have to occupy both of his hands, achieving economy of electric power and working time. The gaskets we use are of German origin, very soft, for hermetic sealing with closed beehives made of genuine caoutchouc. Thus, the perfect grip is achieved.
Important detail: they do not contain timber that can rot and is prohibited.
Each frigo door of our factory bears perimetrically imported aluminium profile, placed against and pressed with polyurethane, in order to keep the door always flat.  Otherwise, due to the continuous blockings of the lock in the middle of the door, bending (concave) can be created with all the unpleasant consequences. Finally, according to American and European measurements, the automatic doors provide economy of electric energy up to 45%. Regarding to refrigeration doors, a system of electric resistances for the defreezing of tyres is placed parametrically.


Colour Pallete for AMP cold room doors

Sliding Cold Room Doors for Meat
Θάλαμος ψυγείο για κρέατα με πάνελ σε τιμές χονδρικής Ψυκτικός θάλαμος κρεάτων με βιτρίνα Ψυκτικοί θάλαμοι κρεάτων με πάνελ πολυουρεθάνης σε τιμές χονδρικής Πόρτα Φλιπ φλαπ δίφυλλη Πόρτες ψυκτικών θαλάμων συρόμενες με διακίνηση σε πάνελ πολυουρεθάνης Ψυκτικοί θάλαμοι σε βιομηχανία επεξεργασίας κρέατος Ψυκτικοί θάλαμοι κρεάτων με πάνελ σε εταιρείες επεξεργασίας κρέατος psiktikoi-thalamoi-kreatwn-2 Πόρτες τύπου service με προδιαγραφές υγιεινής HACCP Φλιπ φλαπ πόρτα σε ψυκτικούς θαλάμους Ψυκτικοί θάλαμοι κρεάτων με πάνελ σε τιμές χονδρικής Ψυκτικός θάλαμος πάνελ κρεοπωλείου κρεάτων
Doors used in fruit packaging units